Hey there, By George crew! Guess where we were yesterday? The enchanting historic property Quondong in Wahgunyah, a place that wears many hats, and boy, does it wear them well! Joined by the wonderful Maree Hawking, Marketing Coordinator for Quondong, and the ever-stylish duo, Marni and her daughter Georgia from Rees & Rees lifestyle merchants […]

Quondong Unwrapped: A Pictorial Journey into Luxury and Nature

As a seasoned commercial photographer, I’ve had the privilege of embarking on an extraordinary journey alongside the remarkable transformation of the historic Victoria Hotel in Rutherglen. From its humble beginnings to its recent grand reveal, this project has been nothing short of captivating, thanks to the visionary minds of Matt and Kate Halpin, the driving […]

Elegant Revival: Rutherglen’s Main Street Renaissance

As an event photographer, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the magic of La Fiera Italian Festival in Myrtleford unfold through my lens over the past four years. I started working with the festival organisers building their image library in 2020 – the brief was to create imagery that truly relfected the heart and spirit […]

La Dolce Vita: Capturing Festival Fun at La Fiera

In the picturesque landscapes of Rutherglen, where vineyards sprawl under the vast Australian sky, our recent photography venture with De Bortoli Wines proved to be a delightful chapter in our ongoing collaboration. As a seasoned business and lifestyle photographer based in Rutherglen, I’ve had the pleasure of working with their Marketing Coordinator, Mel Fitzgerald, on […]

De Bortoli Wines: A Photographic Journey in Rutherglen Wine Country

The Stanley Pub: Where History Meets Culinary Delights

The Stanley Pub, situated just ten kilometres from the bustling town of Beechworth, is more than just a pub. It’s a destination for local and visiting foodies alike, offering exceptional hospitality and a rich history. The newly opened Stanley Produce Store, an integral part of the pub, beckons with local produce, wines, and delightful pre-prepared meals. 

The charming Stanley Pub is under the expert guidance of local culinary legend, Sally Wright. Sally, a seasoned chef with an impressive background, is always great company, full of energy and frequently hilarious. What made this shoot extra special was the chance to work with the Stanley Pub team again to create imagery for a website update and fresh content for their socials. I worked with Sally and the team at the Stanley Pub when it had just opened about 12 months ago and a LOT has changed since – I was so eager to return and capture the beauty of the newly upgraded beer garden, the charming Stanley Produce Store, and the overall allure of this destination in such a quaint township.

Capturing Culinary Bliss: The Stanley Pub in North East Victoria

We’ve got a fantastic story to share about our recent photo shoot adventure with Habitat Planning in Albury. Habitat Planning, renowned for their expertise in obtaining planning approvals for developments – amongst a host of other planning related things – was on the hunt for updated images of their team, new office location, and stunning projects across the Albury region.

Step into the World of Habitat Planning

As a business and brand photographer, my mission has always been to capture the essence of my clients’ businesses – to tell their stories through the lens and make their brands shine. In my line of work, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some incredible brands, each with its unique charm and charisma. However, […]

Timeless Beauty: A Journey with Hens Teeth Trading

Hey there, wine enthusiasts and fellow adventurers in the world of sweet nectar of life aka WINE! We’re absolutely thrilled to bring you an exclusive peek into the journey of Tout Prêt, the new wine label that’s making waves in the heart of Rutherglen, all captured through the lens of By George, your trusted partner […]

Sip, Swirl, Smile: The Journey of Tout Prêt 

Capturing the Essence of Greece: A Photographer’s Tale Greetings, fellow adventurers and connoisseurs of the finer things in life! I’m thrilled to share my recent escapade through the enchanting land of Greece, a journey that not only opened my eyes to the wonders of this ancient country but also allowed me to craft visual stories […]

Behind the Lens: Miranz Tours in Greece

📸🌱 Capturing Baker Seed Co.: A Photography Journey 🌱📸 Hey there! So, today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of Baker Seed Co., a family-owned Australian seed business with a rich history spanning four generations. 🌾 Let’s explore how we teamed up with this fantastic client to tell their story through imagery and learn some […]

Capturing Baker Seed Co.: A Photography Journey